Terms and conditions of booking at Preseli Venture

Flexible Booking Policy 2021

You may feel a degree of uncertainty planning ahead at this time, but we want you to feel at ease when booking with us. We understand that you may encounter circumstances out of your control which prevent you from coming to us (such as a localised lock-down or needing to self-isolate). Under these circumstances, we will allow you to keep credit with us rather than cancelling outright and rebook your holiday at a later date as long as you are able to let us know up to 48 hours before the event. We will not ask for a rebooking fee in this case and you will not loose anything that you have paid. If you are not able to give us 48 hours notice, we are unable to offer credit or alternative dates; this is because we will have made financial investment in your booking and would be highly unlikely to fill your place at this short notice. 

If we are temporarily closed for any reason, such as a localised lock-down in Pembrokeshire or national lock-down in Wales, and therefore unable to deliver the event you have booked, you are entitled to a full refund. However, we’d prefer you to rebook your dates or keep credit with us to spend on any of our future events, as we ultimately want to keep our promise to you as customers and deliver the adventure you booked. 

Making a booking and making a payment

An adventure break or lodge accommodation stay will be reserved on receipt of a deposit of 50% of the holiday or course fee and a completed booking form. This deposit payment is non-refundable.  Upon receipt of the correct deposit and the completed booking form Preseli Venture will send you a Confirmation of Booking confirming your activities and/or accommodation booked, dates and number of participants and setting out the final balance due from you and its date of payment (full payment is due 3 weeks before holiday start date in all cases). In the event of failure to make this payment by the due date we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled. The full amount is non-refundable after this point (3 weeks before your arrival) however if you wish to change the dates of your holiday, you are able to do so for a £25 rebooking fee. This is entirely at our discretion and depends on our availability.

Group bookings

If you are organising activities for a group you must ensure all participants are aware of the booking terms and conditions, what to bring details and directions to Preseli Venture.  In the case of Group Bookings the 50% initial payment cannot be transferred to another member’s outstanding payment balance but may be used as the initial payment for a new group member.

How the weather can affect the activities offered

Please be aware that our priority is to keep everyone safe during the adventures, therefore from time to time the weather and sea conditions will cause us to cancel or change the programme of activities we can run on any particular day. On a Preseli Venture weekend or holiday, we reserve the right to amend the programme of activities to fit in with the weather conditions, and we will always provide an alternative adventure in the place of the one that we are unable to run.

For those who are booked for a specific Adventure Day or Half-Day, we will always endeavour to run the activity as booked, but we may on occasion need to change this due to the weather or sea conditions. We will try and contact you in advance for afternoon adventures, but for morning adventures we will not make the call to cancel or change the activity provided until the morning of the event, so please feel free to call the lodge anytime after 8.00am on the morning of your adventure. Please be aware we will, where possible, always offer an alternative adventure in place of the activity we are unable to run.


You are advised to take out a holiday insurance policy that covers you for cancellation (under the policy terms), accident and property whilst taking part in adventure activities. Preseli Venture offer a specialist policy, arranged by Infinity Insurance Solutions for UK residents that covers all outdoor activities offered.
Personal adventure travel insurance can be purchased at Activity Safe


In the event of a ‘no show’ by the client Preseli Venture does not give refunds or offer an alternative date.
Your insurance policy will cover cancellation costs if the reason for cancelling is covered by the policy (less an excess).

Our refund policy is that the 50% deposit you pay upon booking is non-refundable. The 50% balance is refundable up to 3 weeks before the event, after which it is non-refundable.

Please note that certain specialist courses require a minimum number of participants to go ahead. In the unlikely event that minimum numbers are not met Preseli Venture will offer you an alternative date or a full refund.

Statement regarding image use

From time to time Preseli Venture may wish to use photographs taken during your activity or event for marketing purposes. We assume you are happy with us using your image in this way. Please advise us if you are not happy for an image which includes you to be used.

Policy on alcohol and drugs

Preseli Venture has a private licensed bar, therefore we ask you not to bring your own alcohol onto the premises, in accordance with our conditions of license.
Preseli Venture will not be able to offer activities to any client that is deemed to be under the influence of, or suffering from the effects of, alcohol or drugs. Preseli Venture will not be able to offer a refund in any such circumstances. Please be aware that you will quite probably be sharing lodge facilities and activities with others who are not part of your group. Please be willing to respect the quiet areas of the lodge, and to make sure that your enjoyment of the event does not impinge upon that of the other guests.

Activity terms and conditions

• On the adventure weekend and coasteering weekend events (not sea kayaking events) activities take place on Saturday AM and PM, and Sunday AM. Your activity sessions could be in any order, unless previously agreed with Preseli Venture. The weekend event finishes at approximately 2.30pm on Sunday.
• On any sea kayaking weekend the event finishes at about 4.30 – 5.00pm on the Sunday.
• A surfing session cannot be guaranteed – in the event of ‘no surf’ a surf session automatically becomes a coasteering or sea kayak session, unless agreed otherwise prior to event.
• In the event of very adverse weather conditions (rarely!) kayaking will take place at a sheltered inland venue.
• On receipt of your booking form Preseli Venture will email you a confirmation of your booking and of your activity choices. The deadline for any changes to activity choices is 3 weeks prior to the event date – after this date Preseli Venture will endeavour to accommodate your request, but activity changes cannot be guaranteed.
• For family holidays children must be accompanied by an adult. Children must be aged 8 years or older and must be 114cm or taller.
• For family adventure days children aged 8 – 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
• On sea kayaking holidays – Pembrokeshire has an extensive coastline and wealth of sea kayaking venues to choose from. However, in the case of extreme weather conditions we will use inland waters or offer alternative activities to suit the group. The itinerary may be subject to change at the discretion of the Preseli Venture guide with regard to the weather and other factors.
• All persons taking part in the activities must be in good health and be able to pull on a wetsuit.
• All participants in water-based activities should be happy to go in the water. Swimming ability is not essential as we provide flotation jackets. (Please contact us if you have concerns)
Please call 01348 837709 or email if you have a query regarding activity choices and logistics!

A statement regarding outdoor activities and risk

We at Preseli Venture assume that our clients understand that there is risk involved in the activities that we provide.
High energy natural environments such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are constantly changing; wind, rain, surf, ocean waves, gravity, wildlife and multi-tactile surfaces combine to produce an environment from which risk can never be totally eliminated.
The exhilaration and adventure of exploring such environments is what Preseli Venture is all about.  We seek to minimize and manage these risks by providing relevant equipment and experienced, qualified instructors.  Our instructing staff are professionals who operate according to the guidelines set down for each activity by individual governing bodies and our own in-house safety procedures. They are supplied with up to the minute weather forecasts and trained in risk assessment. It is up to you to listen carefully to what they say, and act upon their instructions. We believe that Adventure, in all its diverse forms, is an essential component of many people’s lives.