Frequently asked questions

We have a friendly team of office staff here ready to answer your questions Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. Do check out our list of frequently asked questions first though as we may already have the answer to yours. If you can’t find an answer to your question below, please do call us on 01348 837709 or contact us.

Do I need to have any experience? +

No experience is necessary to take part in any of our activities unless you are joining us for a sea kayak course in which case experience level will be stated on the page. Do get in touch if you’re not sure. Our qualified and friendly instructors will help you get the most out of whatever activity you are doing – whatever your level of experience.

What if the weather is bad? +

With over 100 miles of stunning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park coastline in bad weather we can always choose a more sheltered location. Like anywhere in the UK surfing sessions are surf dependent, we always have our fingers crossed for some clean waves rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean, and more often than not we get them! In the event of ‘no surf’ we always provide an alternative water based activity.

Are the instructors qualified? +

All of our guides and instructors are experienced and fully qualified with National Governing Body Awards for the adventure activities, First Aid, and surf life-saving certificates, and they regularly take part in comprehensive in house training. They are committed to providing exciting yet safe activities that bring new challenges to the group and individual. Preseli Venture provides high quality specialist equipment including wetsuits and safety kit. Read more about safety at Preseli Venture.

Am I insured to take part in these activities? +

Preseli Venture have full public liability insurance for the adventure activities. If you require individual travel and adventure insurance we can point you in the right direction.

Can I wear my glasses when coasteering? +

Yes, if you don’t have contacts you can wear your glasses. It’s a good idea to buy a retaining strap for your glasses before you come.

Can I wear my own wetsuit? +

You are welcome to wear your own kit, so do bring it along, but it’s best to check its suitability with our experienced instructors when you get here.

Do I need to be fit? +

We ask that you have a reasonable general level of fitness, for example you can run up and down the stairs without feeling faint or overly short of breath. You do not have to be superman or superwoman! Are there any restrictions regarding who can join in? We welcome adults of 18 years and over at the weekends and mid week we welcome family groups with children aged 9 and over. To take part in the activities, you don’t need to have previous experience and you don’t need to be particularly ‘outdoorsy’, just come equipped with a ‘go for it!’ attitude. All participants need to be happy in the water and a basic ‘doggy paddle’ is fine.

Can I come along on my own? +

Yes, we regularly welcome solo travellers. The emphasis on all of our events is fun and adventure in a comfortable and beautiful setting, you’ll soon settle in!

Will I be safe? +

We at Preseli Venture assume that our clients understand that there is risk involved in the activities that we provide. High energy natural environments such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are constantly changing; wind, rain, surf, ocean waves, gravity, wildlife and multi-tactile surfaces combine to produce an environment from which risk can never be totally eliminated. The exhilaration and adventure of exploring such environments is what Preseli Venture is all about. We seek to minimize and manage these risks by providing relevant equipment and experienced, qualified instructors who are supplied with up to the minute weather forecasts, trained in risk assessment and operate according to the sports governing body guidelines and in-house procedures.It is up to you to listen carefully to what they say, and act upon their instructions. We believe that Adventure, in all its diverse forms, is an essential component of many people’s lives, we want you to take care, and have a good one! Read more about safety at Preseli Venture.

Can I change my chosen activities? +

If you want to change your chosen activities then you need to let us know as soon as you can and we will try to accommodate your changes. We cannot guarantee to be able to change your activities more than 3 weeks prior to your event. It is normally very difficult to change activities once you arrive as the proramme is fairly fixed and we are very bound by instructor:client ratios.