Coasteering in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Coasteering is a unique adventure sport where you experience the exhilaration of sea level traversing, rock climbing, cliff jumping and swimming into sea caves.  It’s a coastal exploration along the wild and beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.

The sections of the north Pembrokeshire coast that we have on our doorstep are just perfect for the adrenalin packed adventure sport of coasteering, with the emphasis on cliff jumping, climbing, rock gully swimming, cave exploration, rock scrambling, and wave riding varying depending on tide, weather, swell and location – no two coasteers are ever the same.

Preseli Venture can offer a range of coasteering experiences, from a half day session on our adventures days, through to a dedicated Wicked Liquid coasteering weekend.  You can also experience a half day coasteering combined with other adventures on one of our adventure weekends.

Half day through to full weekend coasteering at Preseli Venture
From £45.00

Preseli Venture is licensed by the National Trust to use their wild and pristine coastal properties that are located close by for our coasteering adventures. This means we can take you to the best venues for rugged sea cliffs, secluded coves, amazing sea caves, stacks and natural rock arches, as well as a plethora of coastal wildlife: sea birds, wild flowers and of course the Atlantic grey seals.

Please do call us on 01348 837709 or contact us for more information about coasteering, we’d love to cliff jump and explore on the Pembrokeshire coastline with you soon!

The history of coasteering

Coasteering has its origins in the late 19th century and historically has been used as an alternative description for sea-level traversing.

Although all aspects of coasteering have been informally practised by people for a very long time, if only as a means of accessing a cut-off cove beyond a headland, the term appears first to have been used in 1973. In a prescient vision in the book ‘Sea Cliff Climbing’, John Cleare and Robin Collomb said “A few enthusiasts believe that coasteering will become popular and has a big future”. How right they were!

In the 1990’s coasteering emerged as a commercially guided recreational activity here on the Pembrokeshire coastline, and Preseli Venture have been offering guided coasteering sessions for over 20 years.

Coasteering kit in the 21st century

Hemp ropes, flat caps and woollen trousers might have been de rigeur for Robin Collomb and John Cleare – but these days we like to mix it up abit – we’ll equip you with toasty warm winter wet-suits all year round and wetsuit gloves and socks to keep your fingers and toes snuggly, you’ll wear a helmet, a buoyancy aid, and Preseli Venture also provide neoprene shorts which you’ll wear over your wetsuit for extra warmth and padding.

See our blog post on what to wear for coasteering.

Our qualified coasteering guides will take you out to the best untouched and rugged wilderness locations on the stunning North Pembrokeshire coastline, all within a 15 minute drive of the Preseli Venture eco lodge.  We’re continually developing our own new coasteering routes where you’ll enjoy the seclusion and awe inspiring nature of the coastline with no views of towns, caravan parks, and no other people; just beautiful, clean, unsullied wilderness, brimming with seals, sea birds, idyllic coves, sandy beaches and rocky headlands.

Watch Orlando and Aline coasteering with Preseli Venture

National Trust coasteering with Preseli Venture

Coasteering Adventure
Most recent review - Tom K
Date Published: 09/11/2015
Simply amazing. Been few times now. Learnt a bit about the marine life during the two hour adrenaline adventure. Great equipment provided. Nice and relaxed your guides - safe at all times. Great company. Highly recommended.

Coasteering has secret health giving properties!

Coasteering also has secret health-giving properties from the power and zest of sea water and its components.

Thalassotherapy, from the Greek word thalassa meaning sea, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular health and beauty treatments. Purifying, curative, rejuvenating and relaxing marine therapies are now in demand at upmarket spas and salons around the world. Although utilizing the power of the sea to restore body and soul has a long history, it is only since the 1960s that this has been scientifically studied. It is the close affinity between the constituents of sea water and our own blood and the fact that the active ingredients can be absorbed through the skin by the process of osmosis, that makes sea water therapies so effective.

Seawater contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper, and this rich cocktail of minerals and vitamins has a powerful detoxifying effect and can help arthritis, rheumatism and blood circulation disorders. These marine goodies can also re-mineralise the body, boost circulation, reduce water retention and stimulate the metabolism.

True thalassotherapy spas use clean sea water direct from the sea. Treatments can then include the ‘blitz hose’, where strong jets of water are directed at key points on the body, and the ‘blitz shower’ where you simply walk through a corridor of water.  There are also thalassa baths where jets of water act to massage parts of the body while you are submerged.

If the above thalassotherapy treatments sound familiar, then yes, you got it, it’s just what happens to you and your body when you go coasteering. So never mind the spa, come coasteering, it’s a whole load more fun and exciting – and it’ll do you more good than you ever imagined…

Want to know more?

Please do call us on 01348 837709 or contact us for more information about coasteering, we’d love to cliff jump and explore on the Pembrokeshire coastline with you soon!