The Trinny and Susannah style guide to what to wear for coasteering

Sep 15, 2010 | Activities

Libby went all Trinny and Susannah on us, and made these helpful guides to what to wear for coasteering, sea kayaking, and surfing…and what you’ll need to have ready for your adventure at Preseli Venture.

What to wear for coasteering

  • helmet
  • bouyancy aid
  • full body winter wetsuit
  • neoprene shorts
  • neoprene socks
  • towel and dry clothes

What to wear for surfing

  • full body winter wetsuit
  • wetsuit boots
  • dry clothes in a bag, and bring a towel!

What to wear for sea kayaking

  • helmet
  • bouyancy aid
  • kayaking kag
  • spray deck
  • long john wetsuit
  • long sleeved sweatshirt for under the long john (cotton is NOT ideal)
  • wetsuit clothes
  • don’t forget dry clothes and a towel

What not to wear…ever

  • coconut
  • flowing blonde lock
  • hula hula necklace

Thanks Libby – you are byooooootiful!


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