Enjoy locally sourced home cooked food freshly prepared by our in house chef.

Deliciously satisfying food and drink

We pride ourselves on the quality food served in our 5 star eco lodge which keeps our guests coming back for seconds! Ingredients are sourced locally where ever possible for deliciously fresh and satisfying meals.

When we organise our menus, we always take into account the type of group we are feeding, whether it be adults, corporate groups, families or schools, so everyone is totally happy and satisfied.

We can happily adapt our freshly prepared meals to suit all dietary needs and allergies, including desserts. We serve delicious meals for vegetarians, vegans and those with special dietary needs including gluten and lactose intolerance and nut allergies – please just advise us at the time of your booking.

Sample meals at the eco lodge


  • Traditional Welsh Cawl a Caws (a chunky vegetable and lentil soup which can include gammon) served with warm chunky bread and Welsh cheddar cheese, and additional bread and spreads (jam, peanut butter and marmite) with fruit bowl, biscuits and cake.
  • Baked potato with choice of toppings and lots of different chef’s special salads OR home-made tomato and basil soup with crusty bread and Welsh cheddar cheese, fruit bowl, biscuits and cake.

Evening meal

  • Pork, choriso and chick pea casserole served with crusty baguette and green salad
  • Home-made beef, carrot and leek red wine casserole served with Pembrokeshire buttered mashed potato
  • Home-made Welsh beef spaghetti bolognaise with spaghetti pasta, garlic bread and mixed salad
  • Home-made chicken and vegetable curry served with basmati rice, naan bread and chutney.
  • Local Gwaun Valley Sausages wrapped in bacon with a cheese and bbq sauce, mashed potato, fresh veg and onion gravy


  • Home-made chocolate brownies with cream or ice cream
  • Home-made bramley apple pie served with custard or ice cream
  • Meringue with red berry compote and ice cream
  • Banana split with chocolate topping and choice of ice -cream

Do you provide packed lunches?

On our sea kayaking full days out and our eco walking holiday we send you off with a delicious picnic lunch to enjoy whilst relaxing on a secluded tranquil cove or rocky promontory overlooking the sea, and you are also most welcome to request one during your stay with us.

Picnic lunches include: Fresh brown or white bread rolls x 2 filled with your choice of Welsh cheddar cheese, tuna mayo, ham and a selection of salad items, plus pickle, mustard and mayonnaise, with a tracker bar, piece of fruit, crisps and slice of flapjack or cake. You are welcome to take some water or juice, but please remember your own water bottle.

Seafood specials

There will be an additional charge for the “special menu” and here are some of the fishy delights you can pre-order:

  • Local Abercastle crab meal for an extra £10
  • Local lobster meal for an extra £15
  • Local Abercastle mackerel for an extra £6
  • Local sea bass for an extra £10

The above fishy delights do vary in their availability throughout the year. Please let us know if you’d like to choose any of these special options for your stay at the lodge and we will do our best to source them locally for you.

More than what I expected!

Reviewed 3 May 2016 ★★★★★

The food was amazing! It was like the chef knew what we wanted to eat for each meal – you will not go hungry here that’s for sure!! Can’t fault this place – I would come again

S M / Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions

I have a number of food allergies, will this be a problem?

Not at all! Our in house chef is happy to cater around your dietary needs including gluten and lactose intolerance, nut allergies, vegetarians and vegans. We will ask if you have any special dietary requirements when you book and this will be passed onto our chef.

My child is a fussy eater and I’m worried there won’t be anything they’ll like

Our friendly customer services team will happily chat through your child’s food preferences when you come to book and we can tweak our menu to ensure that they won’t go hungry!

Can we bring our own alcohol?

We have a fully stocked licensed and staffed bar so we ask that you don’t bring your own alcohol. If there is a specific brew that you’d like to enjoy for a special occasion do let us know and we can look at ordering it in.

We are coming for an adventure day, can we add lunch?

Yes, if you’re not staying you’re still very welcome to join us for meals. Do let us know before hand though as we order our fresh supplies in correspondence with how many guests we have booked in.


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