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The Preseli Venture story

Preseli Venture was set up as an adventure centre in 1988 by Nick and Sophie Hurst, determined to forge a sustainable use of a wilderness area.

They soon attracted a staff team comprising of Pembrokeshire aficionados addicted to spending time in their adventure zone and the natural environment.

In today’s chaotic world, Preseli Venture is structured to provide an “earth-grounding” experience with nature. As technology increasingly removes us from our roots, we believe that renewing our relationships with the natural elements is immensely beneficial both mentally and physically and is proven to help reduce stress, re-invigorate and achieve a calming sense of “well-being”. Where else can you swim beneath awe-inspiring sea cliffs, in crystal clear waters, hang out with Atlantic grey seals and enjoy the fishing antics of north Atlantic sea birds up close and natural? And all this within a few of hours travel time from major cities.

Adventures for everyone in this natural outdoor adventure playground.

We believe in adventures where you can excel at your own level. Patient and caring instructors will help you face new and exciting challenges and reach higher levels of personal achievement.

Carefully designed with the specific group in mind, the outdoor adventure programs select the best venues for each activity on the spectacular north Pembrokeshire coastline, taking into consideration all the variables of weather, tide and sea conditions, plus the fitness levels and aspirations of the group.

Friendships are forged, groups bonded, and people depart with their need for health, vitality and adventure replenished and their spiritual chemistry renewed.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of eveything we do.

After the sinking of the The Sea Empress in February 1996 and the subsequent oil spill on the pristine Pembrokeshire coast, we were even more determined to create a sustainable use for a wilderness area.Preseli Venture has developed a model of sustainable adventure tourism over the past 25 years that is the ideal model to operate in a protected National Park area. Rural locations are off-grid as regards waste and sewerage, and many coastal locations are designated as special areas for wildlife and conservation of sensitive habitats and are blessed with tiny coves and harbours which offer little space for parking vehicles and were busy places for local harbour users well before the arrival of ‘visitors’ over recent years.This model in line with ‘Transition Bro Gwaun’ (Fishguard as a transition town) and the transition movement in general, focuses on the key business areas of

  • the eco lodge accommodation with its energy needs and waste management
  • sustainable activity provision which includes the use of minibuses
  • Promotion of public transport
  • Promoting community resilience

Our aim is to show our guests an awesome time in outstanding natural scenery and ensure that each and every one of our visitors, have an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Preseli was amazing!

Reviewed 3 October 2016 ★★★★★

My friends and I spent the weekend at the Preseli Venture Eco Lodge and participated in three of their activities and it was super awesome! It was an unforgettable weekend, the vegan conscious employees were superb. I’d recommend this place 100%.

B M / Glasgow, United Kingdom

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