Inspirational programme to boost resilience for the mind, body and spirit

Resilience in the Workplace Programme

In a world of uncertainty, your team and the individuals within it need to have strength and resilience to face the new challenges ahead. Use this event as part of your company’s workplace wellness programme, and show your commitment to managing stress in the workplace.

Resilient people have strong resources and skills to manage stress and conflict as well as a good support network to help them deal with the pressures of work. Resilient people are flexible, adapt to new and different situations, learn from experience, are optimistic and ask for help when they need it.

“Building resilience is one way we can all reduce our stress at work and contribute to a more mentally healthy workplace”, says Dr Sam Harvey, psychiatrist and head of the Workplace Mental Health Research Group. “Good relationships can help people increase a sense of belonging, confidence and self worth, helping people cope with the stress of work and cope better with challenges.”

With the perfect blend of adventure, fun, carefully planned wellness workshops plus excellent hospitality, Preseli Venture hits the spot. If you’re an event-planner seeking a programme to re-energise and reboot your team and give them an invigorating retreat away from city life, it’s truly inspiring.

Mary Isokariari, Training Journal

What are the aims of the resilience boosting programme?

Re-boot your team using the powerful experiential learning of outdoor challenges and adventures combined with focused mindfulness workshops

Preseli Venture offer team programmes that will act to re-energise and re-boot your team. We aim to push individuals outside their comfort zone to be open to new experiences and new challenges. They will be amazed about what they can accomplish. The programme aims to deal with stress and anxiety at work, boost mental and physical well being by participating in activities and challenges in nature, and learn to communicate more effectively.

With exclusive use of the 5 star eco-lodge participants find the space and peace to refocus their attitudes towards each other. By providing different challenges to their traditional workplace issues, team members build new relationships based on the people they are, not the function they perform.

Sample resilience boosting programme

Suitable for teams from five up to forty, we are fully flexible regarding activities and length of stay

Residential 3 days / 3 nights

Arrival for evening meal, walk to the beach, relax at the eco lodge.

  • Day 1
    Early morning yoga
    Workshop 1:Positive Habits for Working and Living
    Workshop 2: Introduction to mindfulness for stress reduction/ Mindful movement
    Power Walk to include woodlands and beach and coastal path
    Lunch local produce energy foods
    Outdoor activity: sea kayaking or surfing
    Evening meal and relax
    Choice of evening class: dance fitness or walk to the beach
  • Day 2
    Early morning yoga
    Workshop 1: Respectful, Assertive Communication
    Workshop 2: The Stress Buster Toolkit: Simple techniques to calm the mind & body
    Power Walk to include coastal path and beaches
    Lunch healthy eating and energy foods
    Outdoor activity: Choice of coasteering or orienteering team challenge or high ropes
    Evening meal and relax
    Choice of evening class: dance fitness or sea swim or walk to the beach
    Evening social, bar, bonfire
  • Day 3
    Choice of morning activity, try nature boat trip, lunch and debrief

Costs from £365 / person

Your choice of activities and adventures from our menu

The eco lodge has a stylishly rustic feel

Reviewed May 2016 ★★★★★

For those mindful of their carbon footprint, the eco-credentials are impressive. The activities and the lodge itself are carefully designed to minimise environmental impact. The Eco Lodge has been awarded five stars by Visit Wales and is much more salubrious than most activity lodges that I have visited.

Ann Marie Fisher / Business Matters

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More about the resilience boosting programme

What your team will take away

  •  Inspiration to try new challenges
  •  Improved ability to communicate effectively
  •  Keeping calm under pressure.
  • ·Feeling better about yourself and your contributions.
  • ·Greater productivity and satisfaction
  •  Positive attitude and energy
  •  De-stressed!

Who we work with

We work directly with your team or organisation to run the event

We work with personal impact practitioners who are searching for powerful interventions

We work with Learning and Development suppliers who require experiential learning


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