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Case studies

We’ve been running effective corporate team building solutions, corporate events and incentives for over 20 years, and we are proud of the positive contributions we have made to the organisations we have worked with.

Corporate away days: Admiral Group Swansea

The Brief: Host a corporate away day for 22 Admiral Group managers, the package included group accommodation and team activities organised through Preseli Venture.
Utilise Preseli Venture’s range of facilities to position Preseli as a suitable venue for both leisure and corporate events.


The managers at Swansea’s Admiral Group attend regular business meetings, the company wanted to give the team a chance to gain greater awareness of individual strengths whilst creating a more relaxed environment to discuss new ideas and future strategies.


  • Maintaining a professional environment with flexible meeting spaces that the team could have exclusive access to.
  • Ensuring Preseli Venture exploited the accessibility to the local area and maintained an efficient standard of staff and facilities.


  • Preseli Venture’s hosted the Admiral team away day at their five star Ecolodge, which included exclusive use of two separate adjourning meeting rooms, lounge and bar areas.
  • The Preseli staff ensured smooth running of the away day, by creating a set menu for the Admiral team and keeping costs down with access to local walks from the lodge, providing an adaptable team activity.
  • Team building activities included a coastal walk from Preseli Venture along the Pembrokeshire National Park coast.


  • Thanks to Preseli’s excellent infrastructure, facilities and location organisation was easy to coordinate and the demands met.
  • The Ecolodge created a relaxed space, with privacy for the Admiral employees to host informal meetings to help promote greater creativity.
  • Preseli Venture received positive feedback from the Admiral team due to the flexibility and comfortable environment on offer.
  • The coastal walk created a social atmosphere and helped create a stronger bond for the team.


Team Building: The Client, Jaguar Landrover

The Brief: In connection with the company’s graduate training, they wanted to incorporate an adventure team-building trip as part of their Graduate Personal Impact week. JLR wanted their graduates to build strong relationships in order to create open, trusting and supportive high performing teams.


JLR wanted graduates to take part in a range of activities that provided a chance for problem solving and team building, specifically designed to highlight team-working behaviours. JLR also wanted graduates to understand how to implement three key high performance business behaviours – effective relationships, strong teams and positive impact. he adventure package organised by Preseli needed to include a mix of outdoor activities to test different skills and cater for a range of abilities.


  • The adventure package organised by Preseli needed to include a mix of outdoor activities to test different skills and cater for a range of abilities.
  • The chosen activities needed to incorporate the high performance business behaviours along with fitting within a specified budget.


  • Preseli worked with Bluebeetle Training Company facilitators, who delivered drama role-play workshops, to build a dynamic week of business related learning for the graduates.
  • To ensure the trip met JLR’s desired objectives, Preseli worked closely with the company’s learning development consultant to design a High Impact programme within the budget, which would meet the desired training outcomes.
  • The graduates stayed in Preseli’s five star Ecolodge and participated in 2 half-day team building activities including coasteering and the Preseli Venture ‘Abermawr Challenge’ event.


  • The activities organised by Preseli Venture successfully incorporated the desired behaviours and helped the graduates learn new skills. After each team building activity the PV instructors, together with the Bluebeetle facilitators, carried out face-to-face team review sessions to demonstrate the team awareness objectives.
  • Preseli tailored the activities to match the individual abilities of every graduate, providing specialist equipment including wetsuits and flotation jackets, so that even non-swimmers felt secure in the water.

Testimonial – Jaguar Landrover Graduate

‘As all of the activities were designed in line with JLR’s High Performance Behaviours Framework, these activities turned out to be of great value as it had allowed us to develop and test competencies in the most challenging and physical conditions. In addition, at the same time, these activities were fun, which I feel is important should I wish to develop and learn new skills. The facilitators were supportive and engaging throughout our stay at PV Lodge.’

Resilience in the workplace: Client, A Marr and Associates Press Trip

The Brief

  • To gain coverage for the new Preseli Venture ‘resilience in the workplace’ corporate retreat programme.
  • To promote a retreat that helps companies develop clearer communication and deal effectively with pressure to boost creativity and job satisfaction.


In a changing business world where new teams are required to rapidly form and then perform to increasingly high standards, Preseli Venture’s resilience retreat programme aims to deliver face-to-face time with colleagues to maintain essential social networks that are needed for effective teamwork.


  • Not only were Preseli tasked with providing a comfortable stay for the guests the organised activities needed to help boost mental and physical wellbeing.
  • All the activities included in the package had to focus on building resilience giving the guests resources and skills to help with stress management.
  • The press trip had to produce positive results, alongside utilising the beauty of Pembrokeshire in order to encourage companies to attend the retreat.


  • The guests stayed in Preseli Venture’s eco lodge located in a tranquil wooded valley, providing an escape from hectic city life.
  • The resilience programme was developed with Heather Johnson, a qualified counsellor and wellbeing coach. The programme incorporated exclusive use of the ecolodge with exhilarating group activities like orienteering and coasteering, allowing guests to help re-energise working relationships


The team took part in one mindfulness workshop and 2 half-days of adventure activities, giving guests time to socialise as well as time for quiet reflection, helping to refocus attitudes and boost creativity.


‘After two days at the lodge I left feeling energised and ready for the working week ahead and would thoroughly recommend Preseli Venture to those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to team building or you’re just looking to escape, Preseli has something for you!’ – Ann-Marie Fisher, Business Matters

‘The facilities both indoors and out are spacious enough for large corporate groups, offering participants the space to refocus their attitudes towards each other. By facing different challenges to their traditional workplace issues, team members have the chance to build new relationships based on the people they are, not the function they perform’ – Mary Isokariari, Training Journal


One of Pembrokeshire’s finest outdoor activity bases, Daily Telegraph

Incentives programme: Client Herma UK 

The Brief: Host an incentives event for 10 Herma area managers with a package that included adventure activities, accommodation and meals with evening social relaxation including an on-site bar. Organise a package that offers a chance for relaxation and a variety oif activities that boost communication skills and create a stronger team dynamic.


The Herma Sales team are geographically separated as part of their daily job commitments, so the company wanted to give the team a chance to come together in a quiet out of the way retreat environment, and take part in an adventure activity based incentive event to reward good sales results and help maintain strong working relationships.


Providing a range of activities to suit a mixed level of abilities, ensuring each activity is adaptable to meet the requirements of the Herma team.


• Herma booked Preseli Venture’s 2 day incentives pacakge, which included 4 activities and with 2 nights stay in their five star eco lodge, with access to meeting rooms and bar facilities.
• Team building activities included sea kayaking, surfing, coasteering and hiking along the Pembrokeshire coast organised directly by Preseli Venture.


• Preseli Venture received excellent feedback from the sales team, with the activities completed achieving the reward required and the added bonus of the shared experiences and opportunity to work closely as a team that was desired by Herma.
• Despite some members of the team being hesitant about the chosen activities the experienced guides, organised by Preseli, helped reassure the team that meant they came together to support each other gaining valuable communication skills.

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