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Corporate away days, workshops and meetings in Wales

Preseli Venture corporate away days offer you the ideal opportunity to blend collaborative activities in a stimulating environment with your more formal business agenda, and create the ideal corporate away day, team meeting place or workshop venue.

Bring the team together in an enjoyable and inspirational environment that is exclusive to your group, and reap the rewards of better quality discussions and a reinvigorated approach to addressing business issues.

Many organisations need to tackle the problem of creating successful remote workers and training dispersed sales teams and it is well recognised by researchers this is best achieved by organising regular off site team meetings.

We help keep your people engaged and enthused in important business meetings with an injection of enjoyable and stimulating outdoor activities and adventures. The activities will act to mentally refresh and lead to higher levels of participation. Fresh ideas and new inspirations on work issues will follow from your team being challenged in the outdoor environment.

Thank you for participating in our workshop held at the eco lodge, and for sharing some of your achievements and best practice with the rest of the group. We very much appreciated your contribution. The feedback on your presentation from the other delegates was excellent. Thank you also for hosting the workshop and ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Kathryn, WRAP Cymru, WRAP Cymru

What can we offer you for your corporate away day or meeting venue?

The team will have exclusive use of the 5 star eco lodge, and with a structured programme that balances formal meetings with enjoyable, collaborative activities that reinforce team spirit, your team’s social networks can’t help but grow stronger.

With two large meeting rooms and break out areas, the eco lodge is perfect for team meetings and workshops. A refreshing off site venue in a beautiful new environment allows difficult issues to be tackled more effectively. What follows is improved networking in a de-stressing environment.

The lodge accommodates up to 40 people, with a full choice of outdoor activities and adventures to refresh the team. Excellent hospitality, lodge bar with Welsh drinks, and freshly cooked meals with local produce are all part of the experience.

Sample team away day and meetings programme

Bring any size team up to 40. Mix and match your meetings with your choice of activitiesCorporate away day

  • Arrive for breakfast of bacon sandwiches
  • AM half day outdoor activity or adventure of your choice
  • local produce Welsh lunch at the eco lodge
  • PM meetings using eco lodge facilities
  • Teas, coffee with Welsh cakes and bara brith and depart

Costs: £70 /person

Residential two day / one overnight

  • Day 1: Arrive for lunch, then PM choose your outdoor activity or adventure. Evening – evening meal followed by cocktail making workshop using Welsh drinks, relax at the eco lodge
  • Day 2: Full Welsh breakfast, AM Meetings at the lodge, lunch, followed by PM outdoor activity finishing with tea Welsh cakes and bara brith and depart 5.30pm

Costs £175 /person

I’m keen for this to become a regular

Reviewed 3 October 2015 ★★★★★

We all had a fantastic time, so much so that I’m keen for it to become a regular. I’m really pleased with how it all went, we were so lucky with the weather and you were right, the sea really was warm!”

Laura Marshman / Nationwide Building Society

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More about our team away day and meetings programme

Benefits to your organisation

• Bringing people together in an informal environment so they can be easily integrated into social networks
• Taking teams out of the normal work situations to enjoy meetings and events which reinforce personal networks.
• In addition to listening to presentations successful events should involve participative and problem solving activities
• Getting people together for meetings is essential for maintaining remote teams. Without regular meetings, an understanding of team objectives and processes can be reduced and communication and creativity is lost.

Who we work with

Companies and organisations based in south Wales, the west and south-west of England can access the lodge within 2-3 hours.

Sales teams and dispersed teams who need to get together regularly for short meetings

Groups who need a remote, relaxed and informal venue with exclusive use, for workshops and meetings with full flexibility to include break out activities.


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