Study Abroad Students – how to make a booking

Either fill in and submit the online booking form below or  download the booking form in word format and print, fill in and return by post, or fax to 01348 837656 or e-mail to

Please note:

  • Before you book online please ensure that there are spaces available on your chosen dates by calling Preseli Venture on 01348 837709 or e-mailing
  • A pink box, or pink text, denotes a required field. You MUST complete all of these sections to make a booking.

Your Details

Please advise us of any special needs or medical problems experienced by you, or any member of your party, that might affect you, that person or any other guest during the activities and/or stay:

Prices and Activity Choices:

Please choose which month you wish to attend:


Your weekend includes these activities:

  1. Coasteering;
  2. Self guided coast path hiking on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast path;
  3. Choose either Sea kayaking or Surfing.

For Adventure Weekend please state which three activities you wish to do: this info is required at the time of booking, please call or e mail if you need help to choose.

My choice for the 3 activities is coasteering, hiking and:

Please note:

  • A surfing session cannot be guaranteed – in the event of ‘no surf’’ a surf automatically becomes a sea kayak session
  • In the event of very adverse weather conditions (very rarely!) kayaking will take place at a sheltered inland venue.
  • Rooms sleep between 2 and 8 people and are usually allocated on a same sex basis, so please be willing to share a room with others of the same sex.
  • Please be advised that your own insurance cover as purchased abroad may not cover you for this weekend trip. We would suggest that you arrange alternative insurance cover.

Terms and Conditions


Preseli Venture cannot refund any money for whatever reason. However you are welcome to sell your place to someone else, provided we receive instructions from you personally. You should also notify Preseli Venture if you wish to cancel as we may be able to sell your place. If your place is sold, then Preseli Venture will refund the full cost less 20% administration fee.

Your Health and Fitness, and details of your stay at the PV lodge

  • All persons taking part in sporting activities should be in good health and have a reasonable basic level of fitness. All participants in water-based activities must have some basic swimming ability (doggy paddle is fine!).
  • Preseli Venture has a private licensed bar, therefore we ask you not to bring your own alcohol onto the premises.
  • Preseli Venture will not be able to offer activities to any client that is deemed to be under the influence of, or suffering from the effects of, drugs or alcohol. Preseli Venture will not be able to offer a refund in any such circumstances. Please be aware that you will be quite probably be sharing lodge facilities and activities with other adults who are not part of your group. Please be willing to respect the quiet areas of the lodge, and to make sure that your enjoyment of the weekend event does not impinge upon that of the other guests.

A statement regarding outdoor activities and risk

We at Preseli Venture assume that our clients understand that there is risk involved in the activities that we provide. High energy natural environments such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are constantly changing; wind, rain, surf, ocean waves, gravity, wildlife and multi-tactile surfaces combine to produce an environment from which risk can never be totally eliminated. The exhilaration and adventure of exploring such environments is what Preseli Venture is all about. We seek to minimize and manage these risks by providing relevant equipment and experienced, qualified instructors. Our instructing staff are professionals who operate according to the guidelines set down for each activity by individual governing bodies and our own in-house safety procedures. They are supplied with up to the minute weather forecasts and trained in risk assessment. It is up to you to listen carefully to what they say, and act upon their instructions. We believe that Adventure, in all its diverse forms, is an essential component of many people's lives.


  • I confirm that I understand that there is risk involved in the activities that we provide.
  • I confirm that I am in good health, that I have a reasonable basic level of fitness, and that I do not have any injury or medical condition that would cause me any problems when participating in the activities.
  • I confirm that I understand that I will need to fit into a wetsuit to take part in the water based activities – if you have any concerns that this might not be the case please contact Preseli Venture to check on sizing.
  • I confirm that I understand that I must have some basic swimming ability in order to participate in the water based activities.
  • Preseli Venture has a private licensed bar, therefore we ask you not to bring your own alcohol onto the premises.
  • I understand that I must purchase a train ticket, which is not covered in the above costs, for travel to/from Fishguard.
  • I confirm that I am 18 years or older.

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