How to get to Wales for your Preseli Venture weekend

Below you’ll find the transport details for your student travel abroad Wales adventure weekend, please do contact us if you have any question or if you have any problems booking your transport to us in West Wales.

The easiest way to get to Preseli Venture is to travel by train. You need to buy a round trip (return) ticket to Fishguard station in West Wales. On the train, wherever you are coming from in the UK, you come through our nearest big city called SWANSEA and travel onto the local West Wales line which brings you to Fishguard station.

Free train station transfers

  • On Friday night the Preseli Venture bus picks up from Fishguard & Goodwick train station at 6.45pm
  • On Sunday the Preseli Venture bus leaves the lodge at 1.30pm ish and drops off at Fishguard & Goodwick train station.

You must let us know by the Wednesday before your adventure weekend if you will be requiring the Preseli Venture transfer so that we can guarantee you a free transfer spot.


Buy your train tickets as soon as you can, as you can get cheaper deals. Tickets go on sale 3 months in advance, and the earlier you book your tickets the better deal you will get.

FOR ADVANCE TRAIN TICKET PURCHASES CALL First Great Western on 0845 7000 125 or Arriva Trains on 0870 9000 773

Alternatively you can buy a ticket at any British Rail station or online at or

Feedback from clients recommend booking at a station, with Louise, details below, or on the booking line above – the websites can be complicated and should be used as a last resort!

If you want to speak with a real person (!) about tickets we have found a small Welsh booking agency who are very helpful and will be able to book your ticket for you and you can pick it up at the self service machine at Paddington – call Louise at The Ticket Hut on 01554 830188 or email her [email protected]

You need to buy a round trip (return) ticket to FISHGUARD & GOODWICK in West Wales. If you are in London you leave from PADDINGTON train station in London.

  • Go for the cheapest deal! The cheapest tickets are ‘advance tickets’.
  • There are lots of ticket combinations, you might find that buying 2 singles, instead of a return (round trip), might be cheaper.
  • If you have a British Rail ‘Young Persons Railcard’ which costs £24.00 you will get a 33% discount
  • Groups of 3 or 4 that travel together can get cheaper deals, go to your nearest Rail station to book together, or you can call the 0845 700 0125 advance ticket purchases line when you book and let them know you would like the ‘group save 3’ or ‘group save 4’ details
  • Groups of 10 or more that travel together can also get deals, call 0845 700 0125 (option 2, option 3) for details, these must be booked at least 7 days in advance.

What time train?

  • Friday leave London Paddington at 1.45pm, make a switch at Cardiff and get in to Fishguard & Goodwick at 6.45pm.
  • Sunday leave Fishguard at 2.24pm and get in to London Paddington at 7.42pm

Late Arrivals

If you absolutely cannot leave London on the 1.45pm train, then there are plenty of later trains out of Paddington through the day. The next train is the 3.15pm train out of London Paddington that gets into Fishguard & Goodwick at 8.23pm. The latest possible train is the 7.15pm train out of Paddington that gets into Haverfordwest at 11.59pm.

You then take a taxi to Preseli Venture. Please let us know if you if you would like us to book a taxi for you in advance.

If you are delayed on your day of travel telephone 01348 837709 or 01348 837446 .

What to bring

  • You need to wear your own sneakers for the water activities, they will get wet!
  • You need an extra pair of sneakers or boots for the dry activities.
  • Bring a plastic bag to take wet shoes home in.
  • Sun cream or sun block – the sun does shine here in West Wales!
  • Towels x2
  • Bathing Suit (to wear under wet suit)
  • Plenty of changes of clothes and warm layers.
  • Remember camera and spare film.
  • If you are hiking you might like to bring a small water bottle.
  • Bring cash for the bar or pub, we are not near a bank machine!
  • Please do not bring your own alcohol as we have a well stocked licensed bar with bar staff

Any questions?

Please call us on 01348 837709 or contact us if you have any questions regarding your transport to Preseli Venture, we’re really looking forward to seeing you here soon.