Group adventure holidays in Wales

We know that organising groups for adventure holidays can be a challenge – motivating your group, as well as collecting the dosh can be a logistical nightmare, so we’re happy to help.

Let us whet your group’s appetites for adventure by equipping you with all the relevant event details, with lots of great photos, and then we are totally happy to collect deposits and final payments, as well as answer all those random questions you’re sure to be asked.  We’re happy to email out the event details to your group members – we can personalise all of the materials according to the adventure holiday you have planned with us.

Please see the photo galleries for more adventure photos

That way we can take the hassle out of organising an event for a group, and leave you free to look forward to your weekend of fun and adventure!

Personalised Itineraries

We’re happy to tailor make an itinerary just for your group – so whether you are dedicated adventure seekers, or whether you want to mix adventure with some lower key exploration in beautiful Pembrokeshire – just let us know and we can put something together for you.

Exclusive use of the Preseli Venture ecolodge

Mid week groups of a certain size can usually have exclusive use of our eco lodge accommodation and facilities, when you’ll have your own chill out and party venue for the duration of your stay with us

Reduced rates for groups

Better still – If you bring along a group of 10 plus yourself then you are very welcome to a half price place on your adventure, bring a group of 15 and your place is free – or share the discount out amongst the group, whatever works best for you.

Like to know more?

Please call us on 01348 837709, or contact us for more details on group adventure bookings, we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.