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Preseli Venture is committed to remaining an economic force promoting sustainable adventure tourism in wilderness areas, such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park here in West Wales.

At Preseli Venture our aim is to deliver the perfect blend of outdoor activities and unique Pembrokeshire hospitality in an environmentally sustainable and socially aware manner. On this page you’ll find details of the initiatives we’re involved in, and read a little more about the unique Pembrokeshire coastal environment.

Sustainable Adventure Tourism

 Preseli Venture has developed a model of sustainable adventure tourism over the past 25 years that is the perfect model to operate in a protected National Park area, where many coastal locations are designated as special areas for wildlife and conservation of sensitive habitats.

All our business activities have sustainability at their core and we explain more in the About Us section

Green Key Wales Award

Green Key Wales logoIn April 2015, we were delighted to be one of the first 13 businesses in Wales to be presented with a Green Key Award, and thrilled to receive the recognition which supports our longterm efforts in maintaining our sustainable adventure tourism model.

A global eco-label, Green Key is managed in Wales by the environmental charity Keep Wales Tidy, and recognised worldwide in over 47 countries. Green Key aims to educate and encourage the tourism industry from providers to visitors to change unsustainable behaviours, to engage a greater awareness of the environment when making choices, and importantly to become more involved in the protection of their environment.

Setting the standard for environmental tourism in Wales Setting the standard for environmental tourism in Wales

Green Achievement Award

In 2008 Preseli Venture were the proud recipients of this Pembrokeshire Tourism award, and very happy we were too! It’s nice to be recognised for making an effort, when sometimes trying to be environmentally and ethically aware can feel like an uphill (and expensive) struggle.

Green Dragon Environmental Standard

In August 2005 we achieved our Level 2 Green Dragon award – this means that in our work we have focused on understanding relevant environmental legal obligations and have taken action to make sure these obligations are met.

We’re not big fans of carbon offsetting schemes, so instead we take localised action to reduce the amount of Co2 we produce in our day to day activities – stuff like:

  • using a ground source heat pump to produce 100% of the hot water and heating in the lodge
  • sourcing the electricity that we do use through a green energy provider – ecotricity at the moment
  • encouraging our clients to use public transport, and providing free bus and train station transfers
  • sourcing as much local food as possible, along with using local materials, and local trades people and staff!

Additionally we like to:

  • use recycled paper and as many recycled products as possible in the office and in the lodge
  • recycle all paper, glass, cans and high grade plastics
  • compost the food waste, or feed it to the chickens, who then lay the eggs for your breakfast!
  • use environmentally friendly cleaning products – we like Ecover best
  • source plenty of fair trade tea and coffee for our guests
  • use ‘eco’ paint in the lodge, it smells nicer and has no nasty chemicals in it, we use NBT trade paint

Read more about the environmentally friendly features of the Preseli Venture ecolodge accommodation.

Green Traveller and Responsible Travel

We’re proud to work closely with Green Traveller and  Responsible Travel to bring our particular brand and style of sustainable adventures to the wider holidaymaking public. Green Traveller promotes environmentally friendly holidays in the UK and Ireland, and European countries accessible by train, meaning that we don’t have to go far to be green. They’re all about changing the way we travel, about finding ways to get off-grid, and about slowing down our pace of life. We’re proud to be associated with them in their awareness raising, behaviour changing, endeavours!

In 2010 we featured on the Guardian Green Travel List, as an exemplary activities centre and activities provider.

Partnership with The National Trust

The National Trust own and care for some of the most beautiful and spectacular stretches of the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline, places that we regularly use for our wilderness Coasteering and Sea Kayaking adventures. As the UK’s largest conservation charity, the Trust looks after a lot of nature and wildlife. Their rangers want more people enjoying the outdoors, more often and feeling closer to nature. We’re proud to work closely with the National Trust to make sure our activities keep these places special. This gives you the best possible experience of this fabulous natural environment when you come coasteering or kayaking with us.

Preseli Venture provides sustainable activities on National Trust properties, thereby introducing discerning clients to the wildlife and natural beauty of these coastal locations. The partnership is based upon a shared ethos; that of the importance of sustainability in all business activities and the wish to enjoy and protect this pristine coastline and the wildlife that depend on it.

Preseli Venture outdoor guides report back to the National Trust rangers any important wildlife sightings that they encounter whilst out adventuring at National Trust locations.

We welcome their Working Holiday volunteer groups throughout the year to enjoy the delights of coasteering or kayaking at some of the National Trust owned stretches of the North Pembrokeshire coast. This means that the volunteers can look forward to some awesome adventures as a reward for their hard work on National Trust land, whether its building stiles or stone walls or maintaining footpaths.

We are also running National Trust Coastal Discovery Wildlife Tours with a National Trust ranger and a Preseli Venture guide with a focus on exploration, wildlife spotting, and the geology and history of the area.

As part of our ongoing partnership with the National Trust we are offering National Trust members 10% off their adventure activities with Preseli Venture.




 The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group (POCG)

The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group  was developed by local outdoor adventure and environmental education centres, working closely with the National Park and the National Trust and has been operating since 1993. The aim of the Charter is to foster commitment by those involved to an environmental code of practice to preserve the unique landscape and wildlife of this beautiful, unspoilt coastline. The key is to develop sustainable management of outdoor recreation on the Pembrokeshire Coast. Preseli Venture has been a key player in the inception of the Outdoor Charter, and fully endorses its code of good environmental practice.

Marine Conservation Society (MCS)

Preseli Venture are proud to support the work of MCS, the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. We’ve teamed up with the Marine Conservation Society to raise awareness of the threats facing our coastal waters – too much is being taken out, too much thrown in and not enough protected. To let people know about the good work of MCS and also to raise funds we invite all of our customers to make a donation to the MCS at the time of booking.

We also raise money for MCS each year as part of the Pembrokeshire Fish Week, where we donate 15% of all proceeds taken for activitiese provide as part of the Fish week event.

We organise quarterly beach cleans at our local beaches of Abermawr and Aberbach, as well as taking part in the MCS Beachwatch programme which involves quarterly beach cleans and surveys, and the Beachwatch Big Weekend which is a co-ordinated national beach clean and survey held every year on the third weekend in September, and we work closely with the local community in caring for our shoreline.

The North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum (NPTF)

Sophie Hurst, a director of Preseli Venture, is an active executive committee member of the NPTF, a campaigning and pressure group that tirelessly works towards improving public transport to, from and within north Pembrokeshire. The NPTF recognises the vital role of public transport in the sustainable development of peripheral rural areas such as north Pembrokeshire.

For 10 years we have lobbied and campaigned for improved train services to Fishguard – an otherwise excellent integrated transport node with bus, taxi, Irish ferry, cycle track and coastal path links. Up until Sepetmber 2011 there had just been 2 trains every 24 hours – with much perseverance we won the argument and we now have a useable service we can be proud of and which serves the needs of the community, visitors and business. We hope this service will increase again over the next couple of years. We are extremely pleased to see the re-opening of the train station serving Fishguard and Goodwick (March 2012). This will provide a convenient station to access trains before it disappears down into the depths of Fishguard Harbour ferry terminal and the Stena Sealink ferries to Rosslare in Ireland.

You can read about the work of the North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum here: http://www.nptf.co.uk/

Greenpeace and the Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla September 2002

In September 2002 Nick Hurst, a director at Preseli Venture, set off in his RIB boat with 2 like-minded friends to help the Greenpeace flagship “Rainbow Warrior” along with a large anti-nuclear flotilla which set sail from Wales and Ireland. The demonstration was against the shipment of 5 tons of the nuclear fuel Mox, (a potentially weapons-grade mixture of plutonium and uranium rejected by Japan) sailing north up the Irish Sea on route to the Sellafield reprocessing plant in Cumbria. On the day, our RIB fulfilled a vital role, taking journalists 50 miles out into the Irish Sea, right to the location of the flotilla of yachts and Rainbow Warrior, as they crossed the path of the armed nuclear ships.

The protest highlighted the very real danger to the fragile coastal environment of the unsafe cargos currently being transported on the sea, especially in the light of many more such shipments to Sellafield being planned over the next few years.

Like to know more?

If you have any questions about Preseli Venture’s environmental ethos please do call us on 01348 837709 or contact us, we’d love to hear from you.